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CMAS Advisory offers custom-tailored services that persist scalability and ability to meet the size and demands of any organization that operates across all commodity classes.

Scope of Work

CMAS facilitates best practice implementations in order to support integrated business decisions through the transaction process across following functions:

Risk Management & Analytics
  • Market, Credit, Financial, Operational/Supply Chain
  • PL Attribution
  • Risk Limits
  • Sensitivity Analysis
Physical Operations
  • Origination
  • Inventory, Planning Optimization & Hedge Structures
  • Bulk Scheduling
  • Cost Models
  • Variance Reporting
Freight MTM Analysis & Voyage Profitability
  • FFAs
  • Vessel Benchmarking
  • Synthetic trade routes and Stress Testing
  • Costs Reporting
  • Deviation
  • Lay Time Calculations
  • Demurrage Claims


Settlements & Accounting
  • Broker Reconciliations
  • Clearing and Cash Flow Management
  • Invoicing & Payments
  • GL Entries
  • Integration to Treasury
Straight Through Processing
  • Exchange Traded Instruments
  • E-Confirms
  • E-Settlements
  • Broker Platforms
  • 3rd party tickets for origination
  • Pricing information for farmers
Compliance Services & Internal Audit Controls
  • Business process re-engineering for compliance solutions and their implementations
  • 3rd party service provider selection catering to Dodd Frank
  • Mifid, EMIR, REMIT
  • SOX, Security


Trading & Hedging
  • Financial Trading
  • Physical Trading
  • Long Contract Contracts
Business Entity Management
  • Counterparty Relationships
  • Credit Scoring
  • Liquidity Optimization
Hedge Management
  • Reduce PL Volatility
  • OCI management and Sensitivity Analysis
  • Balance Sheet Disclosures


CMAS has a team of functional and technical consultants who are well-experienced in on-site and off-site support for projects on a global scale. Using an intensive, hands-on approach to scope-assessment and project management, we provide unparalleled solutions to current business needs, including:

  • Business Process definition and requirements refinement
  • Implementation and on-site support of CTRM and ETRM platforms
  • Custom Development Tools built with following guidelines
    • Utilizing latest technology
    • Standardize and provide flexibility
    • Ease of maintenance and support
    • High volume performance
    • Audit controls and alerts
  • Design of Reporting framework and critical report writing for day-to-day information gathering
  • Executive Reporting via Dashboards
  • Integration to Market Data providers, Treasury, ERP, Logistics systems, Risk systems, Exchanges and Compliance repositories among others
  • Technical analysis of existing client software and evaluating CTRM and ETRM vendors
  • Hardware sizing and system performance optimization by defining and tuning system landscape

Training & Education

The dissemination of knowledge is a key factor in the success of any project, implementation, or business process adaptation. CMAS offers an array of specialized training curricula, customizable to the needs of your organization. We provide:

  • Class room courses offered on-site or off-site for Business, CTRM and ETRM systems training
  • Customized training with custom training guides
  • Hands-on scenario based training with hosted training environments
  • Training on how to successfully configure CTRM and ETRM solutions
  • Training on how to successfully integrate a CTRM or ETRM platform
  • CMAS Knowledge Center

Program Delivery

Our project teams understand the challenges companies face in today's fast moving markets. Our team has a proven track record of delivering comprehensive results on time and within budget, while taking into consideration the relationship between international concerns and local requirements. Our program delivery offering includes the following:

  • Program Delivery for multi-national complex business and organizational transformations
  • Advisory Consulting and Project Planning
    • We provide clients with commercial advice, solution design, functional gap analysis, integration strategy advice, and quality assurance on vendor and third party work

Level of Engagement

CMAS provides the following levels of Advisory:

  • Management Consultants are management resources with oversight and accountable design authority to drive business solutions to effective value and completion. Responsibility includes constructing/managing programs and take ownership with executives as part of steering committee like forums. Advise on strategy for system selections and transformation programs with heavy influence on risk mitigation and commercial value
  • Principal Consultants are Project leaders focused on business solutions including designing and defining Functional/Technical architecture of the solutions
  • Senior Consultants are key enablers and accountable for delivery of solutions as per architecture requirements.
  • Consultants are subject matter experts accountable for defining requirements and doing necessary due diligence to ensure full coverage.

CMAS provides following expertise in Solution Implementation:

  • Technical Architects who enable state of the art design
  • Implementation teams
  • Development and Quality Assurance