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CMAS has a team of functional and technical consultants who are well-experienced in on-site and off-site support for projects on a global scale. Using an intensive, hands-on approach to scope-assessment and project management, we provide unparalleled solutions to current business needs, including:

  • Business Process definition and requirements refinement
  • Implementation and on-site support of CTRM and ETRM platforms
  • Custom Development Tools built with following guidelines
    • Utilizing latest technology
    • Standardize and provide flexibility
    • Ease of maintenance and support
    • High volume performance
    • Audit controls and alerts
  • Design of Reporting framework and critical report writing for day-to-day information gathering
  • Executive Reporting via Dashboards
  • Integration to Market Data providers, Treasury, ERP, Logistics systems, Risk systems, Exchanges and Compliance repositories among others
  • Technical analysis of existing client software and evaluating CTRM and ETRM vendors
  • Hardware sizing and system performance optimization by defining and tuning system landscape