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Our Mission

CMAS delivers a think tank approach created by the business for the business. Our mission is to help businesses adopt to market movements in a dynamic and comprehensive fashion and bring forth proven performance in delivering businesses with high growth capabilities and transformation programs across commodity markets. We seek partners to provide implementations of robust tools with the necessary risk metrics and the management of effective trading, sourcing, and hedging of commodities in volatile markets across various supply chains, while delivering a competitive advantage.

CMAS intends to facilitate technology and best practice implementations in order to support integrated business decisions such as presenting information (not just Data) at the apt moment in the transaction process. 

Our company's design principles are sharpened by 16+ years of experience as a vendor of delivering technology and professional services to commodity trading and risk management customers and in doing so establishing recognized market leadership in the vendor's ability to execute. We strive to maximize the value of our partnership shared by market participants and enablers of technology and thus provide a productive foundation for services to the market.