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Commodity Management Advisory & Solutions (CMAS) is a lean organization of experienced subject matter experts focused on streamlining Commodity Trading and Commodity Management related to processes while inheriting necessary internal controls to enable transparency and compliance.

About Us

At CMAS we provide our customers with a global team who has depth and experience in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East, Africa and the Americas. Through the past experience of each team member CMAS brings forth a proven and repeatable methodology to successfully deliver value. This methodology provides our customers with a Community of Practice that is built on transparency, inspection and adaptation with the following principles:

  • Deliverables are steered by the business along with tight collaboration from end users throughout the lifecycle
  • Deliver Value to customers in short cycles sustainably
  • Harness change for customer's competitive advantage
  • Assume in-stability is a default state and manage variance from there
  • Ability to go where the work is and ability to respond to change by learning fast
  • Customer satisfaction is built on transparency
  • Continuous Improvement by measuring & updating based on measurements
  • Continuous learning and attention to Technology Excellence
  • Continuous integration as systems are implemented or built
  • Build quality in to ensure Value Add ratio is high
  • Define standards and establish norms

CMAS Team expertise is built by members who have held the following roles in the Commodity Trading and Commodity Management businesses:

  • Managing Director & Head of Trading
  • Traders & Operations managers
  • Risk Managers & Analysts
  • Convenor of Financial Control Group of a Cooperation
  • Accountants and Internal Audit expertise
  • Compliance officer and member of Regulatory forums (ACER IT)
  • CTRM and ETRM Technology Professional Services and Product Development managers
  • Professional Services executive of market leading CTRM and ETRM technology vendor

Our Mission

CMAS delivers a think tank approach created by the business for the business. Our mission is to help businesses adopt to market movements in a dynamic and comprehensive fashion and bring forth proven performance in delivering businesses with high growth capabilities and transformation programs across commodity markets. We seek partners to provide implementations of robust tools with the necessary risk metrics and the management of effective trading, sourcing, and hedging of commodities in volatile markets across various supply chains, while delivering a competitive advantage.

CMAS intends to facilitate technology and best practice implementations in order to support integrated business decisions such as presenting information (not just Data) at the apt moment in the transaction process. 

Our company's design principles are sharpened by 16+ years of experience as a vendor of delivering technology and professional services to commodity trading and risk management customers and in doing so establishing recognized market leadership in the vendor's ability to execute. We strive to maximize the value of our partnership shared by market participants and enablers of technology and thus provide a productive foundation for services to the market.


We are looking for people who bring their individual potential, performance, knowledge, social engagement and learning aptitude into our team. We encourage an environment that makes everybody feel valued and establishes integrity, innovation, partnership and entrepreneurship. We are a dynamic, multi-national company embracing people with diverse backgrounds and expertise in Commodity markets and related technologies.

If interested in exploring career opportunities with CMAS please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Contact Us

4406 SW 103rd Ct
FL 32608
United States
+1 713 344 1654
CMAS Europe Ltd.
7 Bell Yard
United Kingdom
+44 (0)203 371 7943
CMAS India Private Ltd.
1st & 2nd Floor, Kagalwala House
Plot No. 175, CST Road, Kalina
Mumbai- 400098
+91 77989 84798
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.