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We understand and provide solutions for workflow automation that remain a key ingredient to provide businesses with real time decision support and operational efficiency in the following areas:

  • Origination and Upstream
  • Generation profiles
  • Refinery Optimization
  • Arbitrage Contracts
  • Complex/Structured Contracts
  • Joint Ventures
  • Default Cost Models and Recipe Yields
  • Planning and Processing
  • Risk Basis based on Sales Plan
  • Tolerance and Quality Management
  • Traceability
  • Mass Balance
  • Bulk Scheduling
  • Balancing energy
  • Freight MTM and Voyage profitability
  • Deviation and Lay-time Calculations
  • Document Templates
  • SWIFT/ Bank statement reconciliation
  • End of day processes

To assist with validation and controls CMAS offers solutions that invoke Pre- trade approvals and Post-trade compliance management:

  • Pre-trade approvals for Credit, Position limits
  • Pre-Trade approvals for Financing and Liquidity
  • Post-Trade reconciliation for Compliance related trade information

We provide integration solutions to Market Data management, Treasury systems, ERP, Logistics systems and Risk systems:

  • SAP integration
  • Market Data integration and consolidated management
  • FX integration with Treasury
  • Compliance driven integration to trade repositories (EMIR, MiFid, Remit, Dodd-Frank)
  • Hedge management and Balance Sheet Disclosures
  • Handling and Logistics integration for Waterborne movements
  • 3rd party Silo and Storage Management
  • Risk System integration for Enterprise risk