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About Us

At CMAS we provide our customers with a global team who has depth and experience in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East, Africa and the Americas. Through the past experience of each team member CMAS brings forth a proven and repeatable methodology to successfully deliver value. This methodology provides our customers with a Community of Practice that is built on transparency, inspection and adaptation with the following principles:

  • Deliverables are steered by the business along with tight collaboration from end users throughout the lifecycle
  • Deliver Value to customers in short cycles sustainably
  • Harness change for customer's competitive advantage
  • Assume in-stability is a default state and manage variance from there
  • Ability to go where the work is and ability to respond to change by learning fast
  • Customer satisfaction is built on transparency
  • Continuous Improvement by measuring & updating based on measurements
  • Continuous learning and attention to Technology Excellence
  • Continuous integration as systems are implemented or built
  • Build quality in to ensure Value Add ratio is high
  • Define standards and establish norms

CMAS Team expertise is built by members who have held the following roles in the Commodity Trading and Commodity Management businesses:

  • Managing Director & Head of Trading
  • Traders & Operations managers
  • Risk Managers & Analysts
  • Convenor of Financial Control Group of a Cooperation
  • Accountants and Internal Audit expertise
  • Compliance officer and member of Regulatory forums (ACER IT)
  • CTRM and ETRM Technology Professional Services and Product Development managers
  • Professional Services executive of market leading CTRM and ETRM technology vendor